Today consumers are the decisive factor of success.

We are the ones who are accelerating the pace of change. Our needs are driving innovation in products, services and tools related to health. We are more aware of our risks, we seek comprehensive care and we are communicating with doctors in new ways.

Today we prioritize comfort, access and transparency around attention and the cost of treatment. Each of these factors has a significant influence on how we feel and interact with the health system. The patient journey study (Patient Journey) allows the development of tools to improve this experience, through the use of new technologies, artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Today the demands of people are driving a transition to patient-centered care in all geographies and socioeconomic groups. And your expectations are producing a significant change within the industry. It is not simply a transactional patient/client medical care meeting; now we think about a holistic human health experience. Do you feel identified with this?